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Well, these aren't photos of The Who (but I do have some photos that were taken when I saw John Entwistle play solo in 1999 or so at Maddie's Cafe in Frazer, PA. For the life of me I can't find them. But I will; I'm on a mission). They're photos of some Who moments in my life.
My first smashed guitar! Actually, my only smashed guitar; expensive habit. I was so proud that I posed it and then turned it into a sculpture. I think I was about twenty-seven at the time.
My first attempt at drumkit-smashing! I was about fourteen at the time. Not bad for a beginner.   My first "proper" drumkit. White Premier drums. This drumkit got kicked-over on more than one occasion. Actually, I was a pretty good drummer in my time.
Yes, I had to give furniture-smashing a shot. I threw this chair in the wall and it stuck there.   This is a lamp I threw down a flight of stairs the same night. Now-a-days I wish I had that lamp back. Furniture-smashing is another expensive habit.
My apartment in college in Kutztown, PA. Many things came and went in that place! One constant was my giant Who poster.   My "rehearsal studio." This is where I rehearsed for my now-legendary performance of Tommy (or maybe "legend in my own mind" might be a better way of putting it).

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