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The Who Fine Arts
I have created some pretty cool artwork about The Who over the years. Below are some of my favorites.
A Pete Townshend drawing I did in markers in 1989. Around the time they announced their reunion tour. I was psyched (about the tour and the picture)!   Moonie! I did this in high school. It's a silkscreen. Makes a nice poster.
Mr. Cool and his guitar. Yeah, right. Anywho, I hand-carved the guitar strap out of leather. It says: "Long Live Rock".   Moonie again! This was done in oil paints (my favorite fine arts medium). Yes, that's a fake severed foot next to the painting.
The next three pieces show my evolution as an artist. The first one was done when I was about twelve, the second when I was about sixteen, and the third when I was about twenty-two (and we get a peek of Sid Vicious in the second one).
An interpretation of a photo/poster/album insert...?...(I can't remember) I had about Quadrophenia. A rough pen-and-ink sketch.   This was "done (like this one took a lot of talent)" around 1996 when I was living in Philadelphia, PA. I just noticed there's a tape of my music on top of it!

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