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Who Cartoons
Below are several Who cartoons I drew (hey, that rhythms! Nice...).
I believe I drew these when I was about fifteen or so years old. They look a bit rough to my eyes now, but do show the promise I had as an artist; promise I haven't wasted.
Pete Townshend of The Who Cartoon
Pete Townshend of The Who Cartoon
Update 7/1/2006: Funny! Twenty or so years after doing this cartoon I just realized I have Pete windmilling with his left arm! In real life he windmill's with his right arm.
Keith Moon of The Who Cartoon
John Entwistle of The Who Cartoon
Yes, I spelled John's last name wrong...did it for years, actually...
Roger Daltrey of The Who Cartoon
Zak Starkey of The Who Cartoon
The Who commissioned me to draw this cartoon of their drummer Zak Starkey, and has been used ( along with the other cartoons above ) as part of their concert experience during their "The Who" 2017 concerts!
An interpretation of a cartoon from the book The Who: Maximum R&B by Richard Barnes. I did this for high school art class. This I remember well, because I remember being pissed that the teacher (who was really a big inspiration to me) wrote the word "funny!" on my wonderful Who cartoon!

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