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Who Cartoons
Below are several Who cartoons I drew (hey, that rhythms! Nice...).
I believe I drew these when I was about fifteen or so years old. They look a bit rough to my eyes now, but do show the promise I had as an artist; promise I haven't wasted.
Update 7/1/2006: Funny! Twenty or so years after doing this cartoon I just realized I have Pete windmilling with his left arm! In real life he windmill's with his right arm.
Yes, I spelled John's last name wrong...did it for years, actually...
An interpretation of a cartoon from the book The Who: Maximum R&B by Richard Barnes. I did this for high school art class. This I remember well, because I remember being pissed that the teacher (who was really a big inspiration to me) wrote the word "funny!" on my wonderful Who cartoon!

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