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I think The Who is the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. The music of The Who gave my world as an artist a dimension I had never experienced before. The Who's music changed my life, and I have met many people Who (yes, the pun is intended!) have echoed my sentiments.
My first "favorite" bands were Black Sabbath and KISS. I still love those bands; they rock. But when I first got turned-on to The Who - more specifically Baba O'Reily - I was suddenly struck with the revelation that music was much more than a cool sound that made me want to air guitar and jump around. Music - and art - were now a Power!
I could make statements about the world, people, emotions...anything I desired. Music could bring joy for joy's sake, like the first time I felt the aesthetic thrill of learning my first drumbeat (or the guilty pleasure of kicking-over my first drumkit). Music could change the world, and in many cases it did and has and will. Looking back I think what happened was I realized that the power of music and art is more powerful than any god or king. Now that's enlightenment!
Everyone has influences and heroes. I have many. The Who opened many doors (I could go for another pun here but I won't) for me. They were and still are a very positive force in my life. I hope I can - in one form or another; not matter how big or how small - open doors for others.

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