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Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey has one of the most powerful voices in rock 'n' roll. Since The Who was the loudest rock 'n' roll band in the world I guess he had to have a set of lungs to keep on par with Pete, John, and Keith!

Roger's singing was a great influence on me. I am impressed by the control he retains over his voice. Behind Blue Eyes is a great example of his sense of control. Going from soft and mellow vocal to loud and raging isn't easy, but he always seemed able to pull it off. Yeeaaahhhhhhhhh!

There were times after I had performed where audience members would say: 'You sing a lot like the guy from The Who.' I secretly took great pride in that.

Roger's singing was a great experience live; he has great stage presence. I've always thought it would be a nice experience to see him play an acoustic show in a small, intimate setting. I think that would show yet another side of this truly remarkable rock 'n' roll singer.
I used to "back" Roger when was alive and well and living on the Internet.

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