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I saw Pete Townshend play as a solo artist at A Day in the Garden music festival in Bethel, NY in August of 1998. It was the best time I've ever had watching and hearing live music. Donovan, Ritchie Havens, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, and then Pete Townshend. Talk about a line-up! Pete played Who tunes, his solo tunes, and some covers. He was awesome, and I was inspired to write a song about it.
A Day in the Garden
Verse 1
People in the Haven live the difference
'Cause everybody is a somebody
Freedom and peace; it is eternal
I give smiles and smiles return
Listening to you, I get the music
Gazing at you, I get the heat
Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet
Verse 2
Dancin' feet spin me around
There's a little guy movin' to the sound
His blue eyes shine as he smiles at me
He's the blond-haired kid I used to be
Kid, you're gonna have a beautiful life
Verse 3
A deeper type of love is so special
A lovely, pretty girl is dancin' up to me
Two lives movin' to one great beat
This is the only time we will meet
But I hear you say as you spin away
For a few special moments I am free
Every somebody is a part of me
A Day in the Garden is filled with Light
I can see that everybody is alright
Everybody is alright
Everybody is alright
Everybody is alright
Verse 4
Now I'm facing the Man and the music
Life is filled with everything good
For so many years you've been singing to me
It's come full-circle; it was meant to be
And for what it's worth, I'm still...
Chorus Twice
Verse: G D C C (Baba O'Reily type-strum)
Chorus: C D G G (Moderate and slightly mellow)
Bridge: D G A & A D (Kids Are Alright chorus-feel)
© MONTY 1998
Note: I wrote this song based on the sheer pleasure of the experience and not as a commercial piece. There would be an obvious copyright violation if I tried to profit from this song. Which I have not and will not (Unless I ever attempt to get permission from the copyright-holder of "Listening To You").

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