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John Entwistle

John Entwistle was rock's premier bass guitar player. He is the yardstick by which all other rock bassists are measured. Thunderfingers!

John had stated early in his career with The Who that one of his goals as a bass guitarist was to push the instrument to the forefront. He certain did achieve that. He was a pioneer of the bass guitar, and helped revolutionize the instrument by playing it like a lead guitar, exploring the higher frequencies of the bass, and with his unique finger-tapping methods.

John's unique approach to the bass guitar always seemed to me to be an extension of his approach to life. I never met John (but almost did! That's for another time), but the two things I always heard people say about him was that he was the most humble person you could meet and that he was extremely funny.

I do know - without having met him - that he was extremely funny. His onstage banter with the JEB band and the interviews I have seen and heard him do leave no doubt in my mind. In fact, I consider him to be the funniest guy in The Who.
Sadly, John is no longer with us. His death hit me hard. Kinda strange to be so affected by his death when I didn't even know him. I'll go into detail about this later.
How I learned about John Entwistle's death.

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